• Capacity building training for stakeholders

    TCNR executed the capacity building training for stakeholders: Feker w Insan presented the recycling importance and executive plan, Vamos Todos presented the need for Integrated Waste Management, especially sorting recyclables, and TCNR presented an introduction to circular economy.

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  • Beach clean decalogue

    BEach CLEAN campaign

    TCNR executed the BEach CLEAN campaign through the distribution of beach decalogue and filling questionnaires with huts’, hotels, and restaurants operators.

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  • Beach litter monitoring

    TCNR executed with Fikr w Insan association the beach litter monitoring activity at TCNR conservation zone. 100 meter long of non cleaned zone was selected and waste found was collected and filled in bags.Wastes sorted, and counted at Fekr w Insane facility, and data was reported by TCNR.

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  • Clean Up The Med 2021

    Tyre Coast Nature Reserve TCNR took place in the Clean Up The Med (CUTM) campaign which was executed at several locations in the South of Lebanon.TCNR beach@AlTadamonculturalsocialassociation@Inmaabaladi@@fekrwinsan@Tyresecondpublicschool@DSC@SAMGlimzi @common.eu

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  • Wet Land

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