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  • Snorkeling trail

    Tyre underwater archeological and natural snorkeling trail Marine activities in Tyre Coast Nature Reserve Tyre’s underwater natural and heritage snorkeling trails Price: 15,000 – 25,000 Available at the Jamal Area including gears and guide Description: Tyre snorkeling trail is conceived both as a new innovative eco-tourism product and as educational tools to raise awareness to the value and vulnerability of…

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  • Sea turtles

    Sea Turtles Two species of sea turtles nesting in the Mediterranean have been recorded in Lebanon, namely, Green and Loggerhead sea turtles. Tyre Coast Nature Reserve is an important nesting site for these species that come to lay eggs from May to July while hatching occurs in early August to October from each season.   Sea turtles species: Chelonia mydas,…

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  • Kayak & Pedals

    Kayaking Kayaking, pedal boat, cycling and snorkeling: It’s an eco-friendly outdoor activity which allow people to interact with nature without any harm to the environment. This peaceful activity is perfect for a couple of hours out in the sea either alone, or with friends or loved ones. Try it out around the city in Tyre it costs a mere 15,000…

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