Potentail value


The presence of diverse habitats in TCNR and multiple users dictates the high potential value of the site.

The site acts as part of the income and revenues through:

– Selling of certified organic farming

– Ecotourism such as Bed & Breakfast

– Job source such as guides, rangers, eco-guides, and small businesses

Moreover, the tourism zone functions as a source for public recreation since the locals frequently visit this site in the summer for sunbathing, and swimming activities. Furthermore, the site has been called the Green lungs of the city of Tyre. More specifically initiatives for Ecotourism development activities such as the MEET Project, Kayak & Pedals, and Snorkeling have been implemented since year 2013 to set a more responsible behavior for visitors.

In addition to its recreational value, the site has a great educational and research potential too, where students and researchers have integrated the reserve as part of their thesis or personal and institutional publications.

Also, the existence of small family agriculture farms provides a live exhibition of the rural ways of life that are becoming extinct on the coast of Lebanon due to the high urbanization and development rates.

Finally, there are over 350 fishermen in the city of Tyre. The high numbers of fishermen leads to excessive fishing that will render the fish community to an end. It is the management team’s responsibility to collaborate with the fishermen and provide awareness campaigns on the alternative methods for fishing. In this framework, in spring 2014, the municipality made the decision to conduct marine patrols to prevent illegal fishing in the protected area and revive the marine life.


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