TCNR in brief

Tyre Coast Nature Reserve is one of the two declared Marine Reserves in Lebanon. TCNR is recognized as the most beautiful and largest last remaining sandy beach in Lebanon with great attraction to nesting marine turtles and hosting a mosaic of coastal habitats within a diversity of ecosystems comprising a wide variety of flora and fauna species that are playing important ecological roles with great medical, ornamental and commercial usages for humans.


Tyre Coast Nature Reserve is located immediately south of city of Tyre and considered by local universities as carrying a great potential for scientific studies therefore, for conservation and raising awareness for eco-tourism, solid waste management and protecting fisheries from overexploitation.


Tyre Coast Reserve may be considered rare of its kind in Lebanon and subsequently has a great natural heritage value and was created in 1998 by Law No. 708.

Its biodiversity derives from several elements that are grouped in a small terrestrial area of 3.8 km². TCNR also has the right to protect a marine surface area (territorial waters) of about 113 km².

The preserved sandy beach has considerable scenic and recreational value.

Ras El Ain area is rich with fresh water and a Roman heritage site including natural artesian wells and aqueducts. TCNR is a wetland of international significance, designated as a Ramsar site number 980.

TCNR is a mosaic of habitats of coastal dunes and their fixing plants, the wide sandy beach that is of great attraction to endangered marine turtles, the agriculture area and the streams and marshes which are located at few meters from the sea.

The reserve provides the needed cover to the sea crossing birds at the moment of their arrival to the land.

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