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Several institutions form an integral part in the management of TCNR, each institution has different roles and levels of responsibility. The involved institutions and their level of involvement are stated below.

The Organizations that are mainly responsible for the direct management of the site, including the preparation and the approval of the management plan are:

Ministry of Environment: Over all supervision of the site

MedWetCoast project: Preparation of the management plan

Appointed Protected Area Committee (APAC): Local management of the site after the approval of the Ministry of Environment

Tyre Municipality: Management of the tourism zone in Section E1 after the approval of the APAC and the MoE

According to the law 708/98, a committee of five volunteers undertakes the management of the site; the volunteers represent the following institution:

– Ministry of Agriculture

– Municipality of Tyre

– “Kaemakam” of the caza of Tyre

– Two local NGOs in the Tyre region; currently Amwaj and The Protection of Environment-Tyre are the represented NGOs



Currently the staff managing the site includes:

– Site manager mandated to oversee all the work on site

– Assistant Manager

– Administrative assistant hired by the APAC,

– Three Guard warden hired by the APAC,

– One Agent keeping the nature reserve clean

However, the team should be increased in order to manage the site more effectively. The suggested positions would be:

– Additional guards,

– Awareness Coordinator

– Scientific Coordinator

– Sustainable development Coordinator

– Eco-guide


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