TCNR Clean Up The Med campaign

Under the scope of COMMON project, Tyre Coast Nature Reserve implemented on Sunday, 22 May 2022, the Clean Up The Med cleaning campaign on the Tyre Beach Reserve.
Around 200 volunteers participated in this activity on the beaches of Tyre Reserve, Abbessieh Beach Reserve, Rashidiya Beach and Mansuri Beach, weighing about 675 kilograms of wastes collected.
Volunteers, associations, and students participated on the beach of Tyre Reserve: Social Cultural Solidarity Association, Inmaa Baladi Association, Fekr w Insan Association, Tyre II Official School, DSC Lebanon, Al Afaaq Institute of Imam Sadr Foundation, Al Afaaq Institute, and Rotary Tyre.
A number of different types of waste were collected, most of which are plastic waste, water bottle caps, soft drinks caps and cigarette butts.
This campaign has been carried out by:

  • Green Southerners association, Municipality of Abbessieh and the National Education Scout of Abbessieh on the shore of the Abbessieh reserve;
  • Al Jaleel Development Association on Rashidiya Beach;
  • Al Risala Mansouri Scout on Mansouri Beach.
    This initiative is one of the largest environmental initiatives in the Mediterranean region aimed at raising community awareness, making beaches, coasts and reefs cleaner, and also monitoring the health of Mediterranean coasts.

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